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reading summary - empowerment - Jodi Krakower Psych 1508...

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Jodi Krakower Psych 1508 Understanding Empowerment and Resolving It’s Paradox Lessons from Mary Parker Follett The Empowerment Concept - focuses on developing individual potential, while at the same time promoting larger organizational ideals o empowerment offers practical, emotional, and ideological appeal - work empowerment is viewed as an enhancing process that expands feelings of trust and control in oneself as well as in one’s organization o mediated by internal constructs, such as self-esteem o leads to performance and satisfaction feeling empowered - structural and interpersonal issues that are essential to the process of empowerment in the workplace 1) supportive structure 2) sharing of enabling values With these, changes in information, responsibility, and active belief can activate the empowerment process Mary Parker Follett - political scientist and philosopher - primary interests were psychological underpinnings of individuals and groups - believed that individuals can both grow personally and develop the group they are
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reading summary - empowerment - Jodi Krakower Psych 1508...

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