- Literature and Arts B-20 Designing the American City FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE D.J Waldie Holy Land 1-14(66 His suburb’s first 17,500 houses had

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Unformatted text preview: Literature and Arts B-20: Designing the American City FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE D.J. Waldie Holy Land: 1-14 (66) His suburb’s first 17,500 houses had been built in 3 years He thought of them as middle class even though they were not at all He believes each of us is crucified The grid is the plan above the earth. It is a compass of possibilities In 1949, 3 developers bought 3,500 acres of southern cal farmland o They hired a photographer to take pictures from a plane at different stages of construction o The pictures became famous: from above the grid is beautiful and terrible o Four of the photographs became the definition of the suburb and then all suburbs o One picture was used to show what had changed between 199-1956. in the picture the men were barely recognizable like just part of the pattern The houses were built assembly-line style with teams of workers specializing in different areas of construction (foundation, framing, nailing, etc). Not much skill was required. o “scaffold jack”: could lay rafters without setting up scaffold. Advances that allowed rapid building of houses. Idea of economical building. o 92% of residents think this suburb is desirable place to live Distance between houses is carefully planned. o Number of houses per acre is the subdivision’s yield o A measure of profitability: the subdivision’s population density: idea of density sold to shopping center builders. o This yield increasing over time. o People are grateful for the space between houses. Appreciate the isolation. Local newspaper called the area “the best protected I the U.S. against [nuclear attack]. o Because of advances in weapons technology, reaction time to attack reduced. Fighter planes without engines donated as war memorials. Korean War D.J. Waldie Holy Land: pp. 15-29 (83) • General note: blocks of text mimic suburban grid – “islands isolated from each other” – bocks of text are fragmented, like each island of a house • 32 o Children playing on F-3d are hurt so it is raised on a concrete pylon o Korean war dead plaque, but only names of Cit Council members on it • 33 o Memorial Day service under the wings of the plane • 34 o Defense contractors tunneling under Mrs. A’s house, spewing toxic waste into her house, she claims • 35 o Army Corps of Engineers and Douglas Aircraft Company (military industrial complex) dig under her house o Carter stopped them but Regan didn’t o Mrs. A has a string in her closet she can pull to stop the digging but only for a while • Unclear how much of Mrs. As stories are true and how much are conspiracy theories • 36 o Mrs. A claims NASA funded by a film of her rape • 37 o Narrator received a flyer for a manned mission to mars to reconvene with Jesus Christ • 38 o Narrator recieved pages full of writing from a man suffering from a mental condition that forces him to write....
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- Literature and Arts B-20 Designing the American City FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE D.J Waldie Holy Land 1-14(66 His suburb’s first 17,500 houses had

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