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Unformatted text preview: onnon-traumatic memory was known to both personality states, whereas the nontraumatic memory was known only to the TPS. TPS. Compared to the TPS, the NPS showed broad deactivation of visual and somatosensory association areas and medial prefrontal cortex in response to the traumatic memory script. 10 DID Neurobiology Little Little research; mostly uncontrolled case reports Vermetten Vermetten et al. (2006): MRI scans of 15 DID patients vs. 23 “normals” (all female) 19% 19% reduction in hippocampal volumes in patients 32% 32% reduction in amygdala volumes in patients Results Results generally consistent with others involving chronic stress and/or severe trauma (e.g., PTSD) Stress, Stress, DID, & tissue volumes— volumes— what’s cause and what’s effect? cause effect? Musings about the implications of DID What What is the “self?” Do you have one? Do you have only only one? What What does “personal responsibility” mean in daily life? The The cases of Billy Milligan & Kenneth Bianchi Wisconsin Wisconsin and Florida “rape” cases involving DID patients Mark Peterson 11...
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