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A recent case of dissociative fugue police fiance

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Unformatted text preview: ourne. A recent case of dissociative fugue Police: Fiancée identifies man with amnesia (CNN) -- After trying for the past month to identify a man who authorities say suffers from amnesia, police identified him Sunday as Jeff Ingram, 40, of Olympia, Washington. The man, called "Al" by police and the news media, has been diagnosed with dissociative fugue, a rare form of amnesia, Det. Virginia Quinones of the Denver police told reporters. The Merck Manual describes the disorder as involving one or more episode of amnesia that is sometimes accompanied by sudden travel. Ingram, who has been in Denver since September 10, left Olympia on September 6 to visit relatives in Alberta, Canada, his fiancée told police. "Nobody heard anything since," Quinones said. She said Ingram's family and fiancée, whom she identified only as Penny, filed a missing persons report in Washington. Police said diagnosis of the condition hindered attempts to identify the man. "He had to go through a variety of tests at the hospital, and he had to be un...
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