Differences between hypnosis and such normal

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Unformatted text preview: ef,” and to immerse themselves fully in the alternate reality the moviemakers sought to create. Those Those who are unable or unwilling to immerse themselves in the alternate reality of the movie, and who continually are aware that what’s on the screen is not “really happening.” Differences between “hypnosis” and such normal, everyeveryday suggestibility are not clear. Physiological Physiological Research Results Physiological Physiological methods, which avoid the problems associated with selfself-report, have thus far been inconclusive regarding the “deep reality” of DID. Examples: Allen Allen et al. (2001) used event-related brain potentials (ERPs) to evaluate eventamnestic separation between alters. All results indicated memory transfer between supposedly mutually-amnesic alters. mutuallyReinders Reinders et al. (2003) used PET to evaluate brain activation differences between traumatic (TPS) and non-traumatic personality states (NPS) as they (TPS) nonlistened to traumatic and non-traumatic autobiographical memory scripts. The n...
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