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Disorder typically confined to adolescence or early

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Unformatted text preview: sensory anesthesias or feelings of loss of control over behavior and/or speech Onset Onset is sudden. Disorder typically confined to adolescence or early adulthood. (Occasional dissociative episodes are normative in this age group.) Brain metabolism in depersonalization disorder DD DD patients had significantly higher metabolic activity in the parietalparietaloccipitaloccipital-temporal junction, a region associated with multimodal sensory integration. Simeon et al. (2000) Am J. Psychiatry. Simeon Simeon et al. (2000): PET scan of brain glucose metabolism in 8 DD patients vs. 24 normal controls vs. SelfSelf-report measures of dissociative experiences strongly associated (r ≈ .8) with increased activation in this area. Stimulation Stimulation of same area produced out-of-body experience in a patient out-ofundergoing neurosurgery (De Ridder et al., NEJM, Nov. 1, 2007) 4 LabLab-Induced Out-of-Body Experiences Out-ofEhrsson Ehrsson et al. (2007) The set-up of the illusion is as follows: the study setparticipant sits in a chair wearing a pair of headheadmounted video displays. These have two small screens over each eye, which show a live film...
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