Once doctors determined that the unidentified man had

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Unformatted text preview: der a doctor's care," Quinones said. Once doctors determined that the unidentified man had a medical problem, "they contacted our agency, and we took it from there, as a missing person [case]," Quinones said. [case] During a news conference Friday, Ingram appealed to the public for help in regaining his identity. "I feel totally lost; I feel totally alone," he told reporters. "I want my past. I want who I was, or who I am." Quinones said Ingram's family saw the news conference and contacted Penny, who then contacted Denver police. "Jeff has now been placed in care of doctor," Quinones said. "And he has a long way to go." Ingram departed Olympia in a blue Neon with Canadian plates, which is missing, Quinones said. October 22, 2006 3 Depersonalization Disorder Persistent Persistent or recurrent episodes of depersonalization and/ or derealization (i.e., a change in one’s usual sense of reality about one’s self or one’s environment). Reality testing remains intact. Typical Typical symptoms: Feelings Feelings of detachment (sometimes out-of-body experiences) out-ofFeeling Feeling like an automaton or as if in a dream or movie Perceiving Perceiving a change in the scale of one’s body or the environment Various Various...
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