Cooccur handwriting from famous multiple trudy chase

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Unformatted text preview: ary personality Amnestic Amnestic separation (inter-personality amnesia) (interSome inter-alter amnesia is required for a DID diagnosis, but many intercombinations of amnesia and co-consciousness can occur. cooccur. Handwriting from famous multiple Trudy Chase 7 DID vs. Schizophrenia Frequency of Schneiderian “first-rank symptoms” of “firstschizophrenia among DID/MPD patients (Ross et al., (Ross 1990) Voices Voices commenting Voices Voices arguing Thoughts Thoughts ascribed to others Audible Audible thoughts “Made” “Made” feelings “Made” “Made” acts “Made” “Made” impulses Delusions Delusions Thought Thought withdrawal Thought Thought broadcasting 66-80% 6672-78% 7237-68% 3746-61% 4636-65% 3644-64% 4446-58% 4645-54% 4529-43% 2913-31% 13- The Skeptics’ View Iatrogenesis, faddism, and adoption of a social role DID, DID, once extremely rare, underwent explosive growth after the publication and movie portrayal of “Sybil.” Early Early DID patients presented with 2-3 alters. 11+ is now typical. 2A minority of...
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