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Unformatted text preview: ppened and managed to “raise the alarm.” But she said: “When I confronted him, he said he had a duty of secrecy to his patients, who are my other personalities.” personalities.” Her lawyer, Christine Andrae, said: “So far there are numerous leads that the therapist made Andrae, use of the woman's weakness.” weakness.” Psychologist Dr Christian Luedke said last night: “It is a unique case, but it is possible. If you know a person has multiple personalities, you can deal with the person you want by calling that person by name until they take control.” control.” Cologne prosecutor Dr Gunther Feld said they were considering charges of sexual abuse against Blaeker. Blaeker. 6 DID = UFO? k Manifestations both across patients and within a patient during his/her life are extremely varied. k Identities called alters alters Alter Alter can be of any gender, age, race, or species. They can differ in almost any imaginable way. Richard Kluft (1991): “Irreducible core [of DID] is no more than the presence, within the individual, of more than one structured entity with a sense of its own existence.” Virtually Virtually isomorphic vs. non-isomorphic alters nonExecutive Executive personality; being “out” The The “host” or prim...
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