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section 5-8 notes - final exam review

section 5-8 notes - final exam review - o “What issue...

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Jodi Krakower L&A B-20 - Cities Final Exam Review Section 5/8/07 Exam Format (150 points total) – roughly 2h30m - IDs – answer 6 out of 9 (30 points) o Can use bullet points o 2 IDs have images write about relationship between image and term o 5 points each, approx 5 mins per ID (30 mins) o Can come from entire course - short essay question – answer 2 out of 3 (30 points) o Told author and reading o Like an elaborate ID o Approx 15 mins per essay (30 mins) o Can come from entire course
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Unformatted text preview: o “What issue does the quotation raise? How does it relate to the author’s larger argument? How does the author view and understand American cities/suburbs?”-Long essay question – answer 1 out of 3 (45 points) o Only material after midterm (weeks 7-13) o Approx 45 mins-Long Essay question – no choice (45 points) o Real life essay o Graded on references from readings and lecture o approx 45 mins...
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