6 months to dec 2011 increase decrease change up down

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Unformatted text preview: hs to Dec 2011 Increase/ (Decrease) % Change Up/ Down 2.1 Revenue from Ordinary Activities $'000 231,010 261,764 (30,754) -11.7% down 2.2 Profit/(Loss) after Tax attributable to Members $'000 15,267 30,746 (15,479) -50.3% down 2.3 Net Profit/(Loss) attributable to Members $'000 15,267 30,746 (15,479) -50.3% down 2.4 Dividends/distributions Final dividend - 30 June 2012 (fully franked) Directors have not declared a half year interim dividend for 31 December 2012 2.5 Record date 2.6 Cents per security Cents per security Result explanation 11.00 11.00 0.00 0.0% 0.00 4.00 -4.00 -100.0% down N/A Depressed export commodity pricing and a highly competitive milk pricing environment have resulted in a 50.3% reduction in profits. In a soft export commodity market with a high Australian dollar revenues are down $31 million on the previous corresponding period. A highly competitive milk pricing environment has resulted in the milk price to revenue ratio increasing from 63.0% in the previous corrersponding period to 70.4% in...
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