A review of accounting standards was undertaken in

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Unformatted text preview: perating segments based on the reports reviewed by the board and executive that are used to make strategic decisions. The board and executive meet regularly to discuss, review and plan strategic initiatives. The board and executive considers the business from a product group perspective and has identified three reportable segments. Commodities consist of dairy products, cheese, skim milk powder, butter, cream and whey protein concentrate which are manufactured in Australia and sold in domestic and export markets to wholesale customers. Consumer goods consists of branded products sold for retail sale, namely Sungold and Great Ocean Road(packaged milk), Enprocal (nutritional products) and Warrnambool and Great Ocean Road (cheese products). Other consists of minor revenue generating units that do not relate to either commodities or retail segments. (b) Strategic information provided to the board and executive The segment information provided to the board and executive for the reportable segments for the half-yea...
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