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Unformatted text preview: y Revenues from external customers are derived from the sale of dairy commodities on a wholesale basis and consumer goods on a wholesale and retail basis. A breakdown of revenue and results is provided in the table above. Segment revenue reconciles to total revenue as follows: 31 December 2012 $'000 449,887 Total revenue (216,755) 230,960 Intersegment eliminations 478,453 (218,927) Total segment revenue 31 December 2011 $'000 261,698 (ii) Adjusted EBIT The board and executive assess the performance of the operating segments based on a measure of EBIT. This measure excludes effects of any non-recurring expenditure from the operating segments such as restructuring costs. Furthermore, the measure excludes the effect of equity-settled share based payments, unrealised gains/(losses) on financial instruments and equity accounted share of profits/(losses) from joint venture partnerships. Interest income and expenditure are not allocated to segments, as this type of activity is driven by the central treas...
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