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What angle how can i make it interesting what specific

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Unformatted text preview: elling o Attention getting intro o Reveal characters o Delve into the subject matter o Leave some element to make the reader want to know more o When that question is answered, be sure to introduce new ones to keep the reader’s interest o Resolve by concluding all the story elements in a way that proves your point o Create sympathy for your characters o Show don’t tell o Use tension and release Capstone Essay Checklist Narrow the Topic - Pick a general topic - Ask: What do I want to say about this topic? What angle? - How can I make it interesting? - What specific elements could you write about? Approach 1 - Topic: Music - Recording formats (mp3, CD, vinyl, tape) Which is best to listen to? - Say that vinyl is better than digital - Focus it further and say vinyl is better than digital formats Elements: analogue sound vs. digital It’s a social experience Warmer mid- range of sound Has its own distinct sound Collectable (Long term value) Approach 2 - Topic: Music - What can I write about? Evaluation: The best band/p...
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