fc46_lecture 17 (11-14-07)

fc46_lecture 17 (11-14-07) - Jodi Krakower FC 46 Caribbean...

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Jodi Krakower FC 46 – Caribbean Societies Lecture 17 11-14-07 Migration, Transnationalism, and the Emerging West Atlantic System Objectives - To examine migration flows between the Caribbean and other areas, especially the US - Discuss modes of adjustment to the host societies - Explore the issue of transnationalism - Conclusion: The future of the Caribbean Caribbean Societies have the highest rates of out-migration in the world - Net migration rates o Highest outflow in Dominica (small island in eastern Caribbean), Grenada, Trinidad o Inflow to Canada, US, Bermuda Bermuda very high per capita income, haven for foreign capital Highest proportion of whites Not physically n the Caribbean Lots of people retire to Bermuda from Britain and the US – attractive climate, not far from US (1 hr from Boston by air) - Migration outflow is extremely bimodal and selective o Most migrants leave for economic reasons and come from working and lower classes o Substantial outflow of highly educated Most Caribbean countries have lost more than 50% of those with more than HS education All Caribbean countries among top nations of world losing those with tertiary education Jamaica lost over 82%, Guyana over 89% Hispanics with special reference to Puerto Ricans - Extremely high net-migration - Pattern of out-migration continues o 26,000 PR leave each year - High rate of circular migration continues
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fc46_lecture 17 (11-14-07) - Jodi Krakower FC 46 Caribbean...

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