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fc46_lecture 22 (12-3-07) - Jodi Krakower FC 46 Caribbean...

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Jodi Krakower FC 46 – Caribbean Societies Lecture 22 12-3-07 Two Caribbean Religions – Part I: The Rastafarians Overview of Caribbean religions - Caribbean is a region of intense religiosity o Very high levels of church attendance Jamaica has the greatest per capita number of churches in the world o All the major world religions found in the region o Caribbean people are often bi-religious Belong to established Christian churches and some other sect or religious group - The Universal Religions o Catholicism the dominant church In the Latin Caribbean In the Eastern Caribbean (Spanish and French Roots) Trinidad, St. Lucia, Grenada o Anglicanism an other protestants o Islam and Hinduism - The Creole Religions o Predominantly African Syncretic religions Haitian Voudon Jamaican Cumina Trinidadian Shango Cuban Santeria o Predominantly Christian/European Syncretic religions Jamaican Poccomania and Revivalism Christian syncretic cult Meaning of syncretism Poccomania the min Creole cut Ancestor worship Spirit possession central Major source of Rastafarian music and adapted Xian ideas
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fc46_lecture 22 (12-3-07) - Jodi Krakower FC 46 Caribbean...

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