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1 pasupathy and connor 2001 stimulus set each stimulus

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Unformatted text preview: test tuning of V4 neurons for curvature FIG. 1. Pasupathy and Connor, 2001 Stimulus set. Each stimulus is represented by a white icon drawn within a black circle representing the receptive field V4 Example stimuli used to test tuning of V4 neurons for curvature V4 V4 neurons are tuned for curvature ... itʼs complicated (which is another way of saying we donʼt understand it) Where (reds) “IT” What (blues) John Maunsell, after Peter Lennie after Felleman & Van Essen, 1991 IT Example stimuli used to test the tuning of IT neurons for objects Image reduction Technique: find a picture that an IT neuron has a high firing rate response for, and then “reduce” it to its simplest elements Kobatake & Tanaka, 1994 How does the neural code for objects change as signals propagate through the brain? Answer: somewhere in the middle Neurons are responding to something about “objects” (not just features) in IT Suggests a representation of specific objects IT neurons are not all specific object detectors BUT ... IT Image reduction The simplest elements recovered for neurons in different visual areas IT Image reduction Does this sugg...
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