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Answer somewhere in the middle neurons are responding

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Unformatted text preview: es) How does the neural code for objects change as signals propagate through the brain? Answer: somewhere in the middle Neurons are responding to something about “objects” (not just features) in IT IT neurons are not all specific object detectors Object-specific detectors might exist “beyond” the visual system “parahippocampal cortex” “Jennifer Aniston Neurons” Quiroga et al, 2005 “Robert Plant Neurons” Not just visual - respond to the name as well Within the visual system, faces may be special Human high-level vision, faces, “agnosias” Prosopagnosia Faces may be special Monkey face patch Find “face patches” with fMRI and then record from the individual neurons with electrodes fMRI: Respond to faces more than other things Faces may be special Monkey face patch Neurons in the face patch respond to many different faces (but not other things) How do we know if neurons in IT are actually involved in object perception (as opposed to just firing)? Removal or inactivation of the neurons results in a perceptual deficit Neural and psychophysical sensitivities can be reconciled Artificial activation of the neurons shifts perception in a predictable manner At or near threshold, trial-by-trial fluctuations in behavior are correlated with trial-by...
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