In both experiments microstimulation during the ntrol

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Unformatted text preview: Each periment contained three microstimulation conditions differing inFigure 2 illustrates results obtained in two typical microstimulation e exact time of stimulation delivery as well as an un-stimulated experiments. In both experiments, microstimulation during the ntrol condition (Fig. 1b). Stimulating pulses were delivered 50–100 ms interval shifted the monkeys’ choices significantly for towards the face category (Fig. 2a, logistic regression, P , 0.001; ms in one of three time periods following onset of the visual imulus: 0–50 ms, 50–100 ms or 100–150 ms. The first period was 2b, P , 0.01). Microstimulation during the 100–150 ms interval Fig. Microstimulation in IT Task: Is it a face or not? gure 1 | Visual stimuli and event timing. In each experimental session, the eural stimulus selectivity of several neighbouring cortical sites was first termined in a fixation task using luminance-matched face and non-face eyscale images. Then, in the second part of the experiment (a), face and...
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