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Neural and psychophysical sensitivities can be

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Unformatted text preview: are actually involved in object perception (as opposed to just firing)? Removal or inactivation of the neurons results in a perceptual deficit It does; we wonʼt review the evidence. Neural and psychophysical sensitivities can be reconciled Little-understood. ? Artificial activation of the neurons shifts perception in a predictable manner At or near threshold, trial-by-trial fluctuations in behavior are correlated with trial-by-trial fluctuations in firing rate Little-understood. elivered at 200 Hz (refs 19, 20). The stimulation pulses were iphasic, with the cathodal pulse leading. Each pulse was 0.2 ms in uration with 0.1 ms between the cathodal and anodal phase. Each periment contained three microstimulation conditions differing in e exact time of stimulation delivery as well as an un-stimulated ntrol condition (Fig. 1b). Stimulating pulses were delivered for ms in one of three time periods following onset of the visual imulus: 0–50 ms, 50–100 ms or 100–150 ms. The first period was Microstimulation in IT Task: Is it a face or not? gure 1 | Visual stimuli and eve...
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