ECE372 LAB 4

My specific problem is that the code would run fine

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Unformatted text preview: code wasn’t compiling correctly with the interrupt portion of the code. However, when we succeed in compiling the code, it did not work as it was suppose to. My specific problem is that the code would run fine initially but when I initiated the interrupt by pressing the button, the entire program stopped, as opposed to pausing, then resuming. There turned out to be two ways to fix this. One way was start an entirely new session of code. However, I decided to use the “#pragma” statements. These statements are simply a message to the compiler, displaying important information and specific details on how to decode certain segments of the code. Both ways fixed all errors. Once the code was compiled correctly, no problems were had with the program. CONCLUSION: The lab helped me greatly improve my knowledge of how interrupts work, as well as how to program...
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