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RT Study Questions - Accreditation of Respiratory Care both...

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Yu Huang Pam Paustian AHS 300 February 26, 2008 AHS 300 Survey of Health Professions PROFESSION: RESPIRATORY THERAPY STUDY QUESTIONS 1. Where are most respiratory therapists employed? They’re mostly employed in hospitals. 2. What are the physical requirements for employment as a respiratory therapist? They must have the sufficient dexterity to operate complicated respiratory equipment. 3. What associations sponsor the RRT and CRT professional credential? The American Association for Respiratory Care and the Committee for the
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Unformatted text preview: Accreditation of Respiratory Care both sponsor credentialing. 4. Discuss at least three conditions that a respiratory therapist might treat. Smoking cessation, sleep testing, and pulmonary rehabilitation are all conditions that a RT could treat. 5. Approximately how many respiratory therapists currently practice in the United States? 130,000 were currently employed in the US....
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