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Health Care System Questions - Yu Huang Pam Paustian AHS...

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Yu Huang Pam Paustian AHS 300 January 29, 2008 Health Care System Overview Study Questions Topic: Health Care System Overview In addition to the provided course materials, Internet research may be required to fully answer the following questions. 1. State the names and abbreviations of the two major forms of managed care organizations. The first major organization is a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), and the second is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). 2. State the approximate numbers of uninsured and underinsured citizens in the United States. There are approximately 35-45 million citizens uninsured every day in the US. 23 million people are uninsured for 4 months or less. Lastly, about 10-15 million citizens are chronically uninsured in the US. 3. List and briefly describe four major types of facilities for long term care. The first major type of long term care facility is a hospice. Hospices attempt to reduce the severity of disease symptoms for the patient, rather than attempting to provide a cure. Care is
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Health Care System Questions - Yu Huang Pam Paustian AHS...

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