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The test will be mostly multiple-choice with possibly some written answers. Bring scantron #16485, the purple one. Students who do not bring one risk a reduced exam grade. The content for this test is based on the lectures and also the reading and listening assignments The questions in this review pinpoint most of the major points from the readings and lectures. You will need to re-read the pages of the text, study your notes and listen to the musical examples. Overall, you’ll want to be able to recognize and identify distinct musical characteristics of each musical period. MUSIC FROM THE MIDDLE AGES/MEDIEVAL PERIOD What are the dates of this period? o 500-1450 How is the early Christian church involved with music? o After fall of Rome, church was major authority in the world What is Gregorian chant (sometimes referred to as just “chant”)? What was its purpose and who was it preformed for? Was chant sacred or secular music? What was Pope Gregory’s involvement with chant? o Music to which portions of the Catholic service are sun. It was secular. He has the chants organized and codified for more convenient and systematic use by Christian churches throughout the Western world. Does chant involve musical instruments? o No Does early chant involve harmony? o no What is the texture of chant? o Monophonic Describe the rhythm/pulse of chant: is it steady, or is it free and flexible? o Free and Flexible What language was used in chant? o Latin The rise of early harmony: describe the simple harmony of Hildegard of Bingen’s Nunc aperuit nobis . o A single line of music, it’s likely that the cloistered sisters added a simple drone accompaniment What is Organum? o A parallel melody sung with the original chant melody MUSIC FROM THE RENAISSANCE What are the dates of this period? 1
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