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Review Sheet 2006 final

Review Sheet 2006 final - 1 Final Review Sheet The Final...

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Final Review Sheet The Final will again consist of the same format: Name ________________________________________________________ Please choose and then mark an option: ___1. All multiple-choice questions (all 50 mc questions/2 points each) ___2. ___3. Ten short essay (10 short essays/10 points each) ___4. Long essay (5 long essays/20 points each) Important Names (in no particular order): Karl Marx (politics) C. Wright Mills (nature of sociology, politics) Max Weber (religion) Emile Durkheim (religion, more…) Robert Merton (adaptation, crime) Talcot Parsons (theory) Laud Humphries (methods) Robin Williams (values) B. F. Skinner (self) Jean Piaget (creation of self) Sigmund Freud (creation of self) Joseph Pleck (gender) Charles Horton Cooley (Looking glass self) George Herbert Mead (creation of self) Muzafer Sherif (groups) Edwin Sutherland (crime) Gustave Le Bon (social movements) G. William Domhoff
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