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Tinn v Hoffmann (1873) 29 LT 271 Court: pre-SCJA 1873 Judgment Date: circa 1873 Cases referring to this case Annotations: All Cases Court: ALL COURTS Sort by: Judgment Date (Latest First) Treatment Case Name Citations Court Date Signal Applied Manchester Diocesan Council for Education v Commercial and General Investments Ltd [1969] 3 All ER 1593, [1970] 1 WLR 241, 21 P Ch D circa 1969 Followed Willis v Baggs and Salt (1925) 69 Sol Jo 543, 41 TLR 453 KBD circa 1925 CONTRACT - FORMATION OF CONTRACT - CONTRACTS MADE THROUGH THE POST - OFFER - WHEN MADE - LETTERS CROSSING -- WHETHER CONTRACT Two persons, each in ignorance at the time of what the other had done, wrote a letter to each other on the same day, the
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