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Course Hero Hitler Notes

Course Hero Hitler Notes - HITLER A STUDY IN TYRANNY Nazi...

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HITLER: A STUDY IN TYRANNY Nazi Ideology: Nazism never had an official theory, but was instead a collection of German prejudices and assumptions deeply rooted in their history. The Nazi ideology, and especially that of Adolf Hitler, can be reduced to a simple claim for power which recognizes only one relationship, that of domination, and only one argument, that of force. o Nationalism The Nazi state was deeply grounded in the belief of the superiority of the German people. Nationalism appealed to the people because Germany was in utter shambles and lacked unity under the new Republic. National-Socialism Represented the common duty of individuals to the German people. All actions of people are to be in service of the Reich. The state would serve as an instrument of power in which the qualities to be valued were discipline, unity, and sacrifice. The State would also serve as a collective embodiment of all the people's will. This sense of nationalism was also used to Hitler's advantage as a means of attaining full supremacy over the German state and its people. One people, One Empire, One Leader Mein Kumpf o Militarism Great nations grow from military power and maintained order. The use of military force was necessary to keep order in Germany and to conquer back the lands that were rightfully hers (i.e. Austria). A military build-up was also necessary to combat Communism and Bolshevism in Germany that threatened to extinguish the very nationalism that was key to Nazi ideology. Discontent with the Treaty of Versailles of 1918 that had embarrassed and humiliated the German people, the Nazi's promised to restore German's great military power to that of the pre-war years. o Racism The Aryan Race was the superior race, and history itself could prove it. The ultimate Nazi goal was the unification of all German-speaking people unjustly divided intro different Nation States. A nation was the highest creation of a race, and great nations were the creation of homogeneous populations.
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The weakest nations were those of impure races because they were had divided, quarrelling and therefore weak countries.
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Course Hero Hitler Notes - HITLER A STUDY IN TYRANNY Nazi...

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