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Course Hero-Global Outlook - IDEA 1: THERE IS A COMING...

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IDEA 1: THERE IS A COMING MULTIPOLARITY (Taming American Power) o Because power is a zero-sum game, China and India are going to replace other poles in the balance of power. The poles are not clear. The US will be a pole in this new multipolar world, but it needs to include them in this new scenario. We can't hold them back and give them an impetus for making a more insecure world. Embrace and recognize that this is the future and they will end up being more cooperative. To do this, we have to let go of our traditional allies. UN Security Council, G7 (not G25) There are certain players in this realm that don't deserve to be their because they are no longer great powers. China and India should be brought in. The 21st Century is going to look different than the 20th Century. China and India are becoming economic, political, and military heavy weights. China now holds over a trillion dollars in hard currency. India's high-tech sector is ever growing. Both countries are well-recognized nuclear powers. Both, because of their economies, are developing blue water navies. The National Council predicts that in less than 20 years, India and China will have the fourth and second largest economies in the world respectively. If you combine the economies of Brazil, China, Russia, and India in just two years from now, the annual growth rate in those four countries alone will be greater that the annual growth rate from the US, Japan, UK, Italy, and Germany combines. The "brick" countries growth rate will be twice that of the other countries growth. This economic growth must be protected by political and military growth. These countries will balance against the US. The US is growing at a very steady rate because we've already grown so much. o If this is true that these other superpowers are emerging, then other countries that aren't doing that well are going to bandwagon. Terrorism is a tool used by non-superpowers to counter the balance of the US. Developing Unconventional Military Capabilities designed to counter Conventional US military strength (deceptive military tactics, guerilla warfare, camouflage missiles, shoulder propelled
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rockets). Other states who do not want to go against national regulations will: o Support the establishment of international laws and institutions that make all states equals and counters the power and reach of the US. UN General Assembly, International Courts Blackmail is used by states that threaten the US with giving them lots of concessions by threats such as the idea that they will develop nuclear weapons (go right to the brink) o Then they demand repeated concessions from Washington in order to stop building WMD's Entrance into the WTO, economic aid, etc. o
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Course Hero-Global Outlook - IDEA 1: THERE IS A COMING...

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