Iraq Continued

Iraq Continued - Iraq Continued Tuesday Unforeseen...

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Iraq Continued: Tuesday, April 17, 2007 Unforeseen Consequences The Iraq escapade was supposed to curb Iran's power; the opposite has happened. The push for democracy in the Middle East has not created friendlier governments towards the US; the opposite has happened (Hamas) Iraq has adopted many pro-Iranian (by default anti-American) policies. Regional Troubles Turkey o Applying for EU membership o NATO member o Most democratic Islamic state. Fully functioning. Not a "liberal" democracy, but it works. o Closest relationship with the US o Problem: The Kurds Live in N. Iraq & SE Turkey. Have articulated desire for their own state o Has never materialized. o Very restive. The more independence Iraqi Kurds have, the more Turkish Kurds want autonomy. PKK o Turkish-Kurdish terrorist group who has assassinated Turkish leaders. Syria o Led by Bashal al Assad- dictator Baath Party A lot in common with Iraq's old clique. o March 2003 Many Baathist's crossed border into Syria With them, they took billions of dollars as well as military equipment which are being smuggled back into Iraq and given to the Sunni insurgency. o It looks as if the whole Baathist operation was planned between Iraq and Syria (Assad agreed to this movement in advance?) o Iraqi-Syrian border is very porous. o What is Syria looking for? Like to be a trouble maker Lebanese Civil War o Sided with Christian militia (weaker of two groups)
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o The only way to maintain the balance of power is to make sure that no side wins. Doesn't have oil, so it had to create trouble to keep it power; have always been successful at this game of real-politiking. Mission: Make enough trouble in Iraq to keep American forces at bay but not to call too much American attention or create a power vacuum in Iraq. o Syria has always tried to occupy Lebanon. Assassinated Lebanese official Hariri UN Investigation seeks to find out who thought out and executed the plan to kill Hariri. Assad is main suspect, so he tries to keep attention off his own
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Iraq Continued - Iraq Continued Tuesday Unforeseen...

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