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Survey of Western Art I Professor Zaho TERMS: Chapters 1- 4 Chapter 1: The Art of the Stone Age composite view - a convention of representation in which part of a figure is shown in profile and another part is shown frontally; it is a descriptive, as opposed to a strictly optical, method of representation. cromlech – An arrangement of huge stones in a circle; also called a henge. ground- A coating applied to a canvas or some other surface to prepare that surface for painting; also, background. ground line - A painted or carved base line on which figures appear to stand in paintings and reliefs. found objects - Images, materials, or objects as found in the everyday environment that are appropriated as works of art. incise - To cut into a surface with a sharp instrument; also, a method of decoration, especially on metal and pottery. landscape -A picture of a natural setting without narrative content. lintel -A horizontal beam used to span an opening. medium- The substance or agency in which an artist works; also, in painting, the vehicle (usually liquid) that carries the pigment. megalith- Literally, “great stone”; a large, roughly hewn stone used in the construction of monumental prehistoric structures. monolith- A large, single block or piece of stone used in megalithic structures. Also, a column that is all in one piece (not composed of drums). mural- A wall painting; a fresco is a type of mural medium and technique. narrative composition- Elements in a work of art arranged in such a manner as to tell a story. neolithic- From the Greek neo- new and lithos - stone; New Stone Age c. 9000-2000BC. paleolithic – From the Greek paleo -old and lithos - stone; Old Stone Age, during which humankind produced the first art objects beginning ca. 30,000BC. relief- In sculpture, figures projecting from a background of which they are part. The degree of relief is designated high, low (bas), and sunken (hollow). sarsen A form of sandstone used for the megaliths at Stonehenge. trilithons : a three stone construction; two vertical monoliths topped with a lintel.
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Chapter 2: The Art of the Ancient Near East apadana- The great royal audience hall in ancient Persian palaces. apotropaic- Capable of warding off evil. cella -The chamber at the center of an ancient temple; in a classical temple, the room in which the cult statue usually stood. (Greek naos ). city-state
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terms1,2,3,4 - Survey of Western Art I Professor Zaho TERMS...

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