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Unformatted text preview: for these problems. 1. A cylindrical can of radius 10 millimeters is used to measure rainfall in Stormville. The can is initially empty, and rain enters the can during a 60-day period. The height of water in the can is modeled by the function S, where S (t ) is measured in millimeters and t is measured in days for 0 £ t £ 60. The rate at which the height of the water is rising in the can is given by S ¢(t ) = 2sin (0.03t ) + 1.5. (a) According to the model, what is the height of the water in the can at the end of the 60-day period? (b) According to the model, what is the average rate of change in the height of water in the can over the 60-day period? Show the computations that lead to your answer. Indicate units of measure. (c) Assuming no evaporation occurs, at what rate is the volume of water in the can...
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