Indicate units of measure d during the same 60 day

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Unformatted text preview: changing at time t = 7 ? Indicate units of measure. (d) During the same 60-day period, rain on Monsoon Mountain accumulates in a can identical to the one in Stormville. The height of the water in the can on Monsoon Mountain is modeled by the function M, where 1 3t 3 - 30t 2 + 330t . The height M (t ) is measured in millimeters, and t is measured in days M (t ) = 400 for 0 £ t £ 60. Let D(t ) = M ¢(t ) - S ¢(t ) . Apply the Intermediate Value Theorem to the function D on the interval 0 £ t £ 60 to justify that there exists a time t, 0 < t < 60, at which the heights of water in the two cans are changing at the same rate. ( ) 2. A 12,000-liter tank of water is filled to capacity. At time t = 0, water begins to drain out of the tank at a rate modeled by r (t ) , measured in liters per hour, where r is given by the piecewise-defined fun...
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