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Unformatted text preview: at time t, measured in seconds from the start of the ride. The table above gives values for B(t ) and Ben’s velocity, v(t ) , measured in meters per second, at selected times t. (a) Use the data in the table to approximate Ben’s acceleration at time t = 5 seconds. Indicate units of measure. (b) Using correct units, interpret the meaning of 60 Ú0 60 Ú0 v(t ) dt in the context of this problem. Approximate v(t ) dt using a left Riemann sum with the subintervals indicated by the data in the table. (c) For 40 £ t £ 60, must there be a time t when Ben’s velocity is 2 meters per second? Justify your answer. (d) A light is directly above the western end of the track. Ben rides so that at time t, the distance L (t ) between Ben and the light satisfies ( L (t )) = 122 + ( B(t )) . At what ra...
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