2 there must be random assignment of subjects to

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Unformatted text preview: way as the magnet group, but there would be no magnets embedded in the pads used. 2. There must be random assignment of subjects to treatments (or treatments to subjects). How the randomization would be carried out does not need to be specified, but it must be clear what is being randomized. 3. Variable measured: Self-reported level of pain or reduction in pain. The design may be described by a diagram, but the treatments and the variable measured must be included and the randomization must be very clear. Group 1 Magnets Group 2 No Magnets (or Placebo) Random assignment of subjects Measure and compare selfreported level of pain Part (b): Either one of the following approaches is acceptable. 1. Saying yes and indicating how they would alter the design: Separating the subjects into the two gender groups and then randomizing subjects to treatments within each group. This may also be described using a diagram, as shown below, but the blocking factor and randomization must be clearly indicated. OR 2. Saying no and describing why. For example, indicating that the randomization in (a) should equalize the effects of gender in the two groups or assuming gender does not have a strong effect and since the sample size is large OR providing a good explanation...
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