Note in order to recoup strength or direction for

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Unformatted text preview: y correct or incorrect. NOTE: In order to recoup strength or direction for part (b) in part (c), the comments must be directly tied to the correlation coefficient. For example, saying the variables increase together does not count as saying the correlation tells us the association is positive. Interpretations in context in (c) can recoup missing context in (b). NOTE: A construction such as “as x increases, y increases” counts as indicating a positive association, but does not by itself count as indicating linearity. NOTE: A statement such as “judging by the scatterplot and correlation” without appealing to some characteristic of the plot or that the correlation is .85, is scored as partially correct. Essentially correct responses count as 1 part and partially correct responses count as ½ part. If a paper is between two scores (for example 2 ½ parts), use a holistic approach to determine whether to score up or down depending on the strength of the response and communication. Copyright © 2002 by...
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