The student may also describe the experimental

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Unformatted text preview: o determine which group gets the placebo), this can be considered a minus. The student may also describe the experimental protocol in more detail – double blind, placebo effect, etc. These are not necessary but can be considered a plus. Partially correct if only one or two of the items listed above are adequately addressed. But, to receive the partial with only one item, the design must be described exceptionally well. For example, discussion of the placebo effect as reason for the control group, or a “before and after” measurement for the response, or a detailed discussion of randomization. (A well done “before and after” design in the new context can be considered partially correct.) NOTE: Students do not get credit for discussing treatments if their design does not ever specify a control group or fails to define the treatment. Copyright © 2002 by College Entrance Examination Board. All rights reserved. Advanced Placement Program and AP are registered trademarks of the College Entranc...
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