Scale original link length a 2 add line extension b

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Unformatted text preview: ine extension (B%) where A% + B% = 100% (end points of construction line are same as original) 3. Insert scaled version back into base geometry Red lines give wireframe hub geometry Original version Original version Scaled version Scaled version Mini Sphere – single scissor version Hub construction Hub construction (alternate method) Core polyhedron Lines represent scissors (these expand/contract in physical mechanism) B% decompose => scale => recompose A% Dual of core polyhedron Polygons represent hubs (these do not expand/contract in physical mechanism) Double scissor construction Construct a line whose end-points lie on original angulated line Mid-point of constructed line Segments (composed as shown) provide wireframe geometry of links Mini sphere construction with double scissor Mid-point of constructed line Original base geometry (single scissor) Modified base geometry (double scissor) construct links from line segments as shown Establish hub geometry Original version For structures with 2 or more scissors between adjacent hubs, circle tangency is not required. Scaled version Wireframe Product Surface geometr...
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