Arh 1-24 - -Not defeated until Alexander the...

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Arh 1-24 - Assyrian palaces heavily decorated. - Relief sculpture used a lot - Intended to display royal power and authority - Palace at Niniuvah of King Ashurbanipal - 668-627BC - Ashurbanipal hunting lions - Nineveh, Iraq, Assyrian, 645-640BC. o Each Panel 5ft 4in o King riding a chariot with bow o Attendants protect rear o Dead lions everywhere o Usually highly painted o Sensitive yet powerful (dying lions) o Looks better for king if lions don’t die quickly - Ash collected great library - Thousands of cuneiform tablets - Had Gilgamesh - Assyrians fall to Neo-Babylonians - Early 600’s - Nebuchadnezzar - Rebuilt Babylon and embellished it - Built gates, ziggurats and gardens - Mud brick buildings - Bright blue fire glazed entrance gates - Ishtar Gate- Babylon, Iraq, 575BC. o Central gate o Built to honor Ishtar god (Inana) o 4 major gates o Some brinks molded for animals o Galloping bulls, dragons, rams (blue, beige, gold) - Babylon remembered for gardens - Persians conquer Babylon - Took Mesopotamia and Egypt - 480BC fighting greeks - Largest empire the world has ever seen
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Unformatted text preview: -Not defeated until Alexander the Great-Continuity in Egypt-Didnt exist in Mesopotamia -Nile=lifeline-Culture shaped by geography-Provide food water shelter nutrients travel and trade-Barren desert serves as buffer zone-Egypts history divided into 3 major segments o Old kingdom, middle, and new kingdom-art and culture remained unchanged for thousands of years-upper and lower used to be rivals -begin recording history with unification-Narmer unifies-Palette of King Narmar - Predynastic, Egypt, c. 3000BC. o Upper Egypt o Slate o Ceremonial (mixing kohl) o Black cosmetic applied around eyes o Shield sun? dramatic effect? o Scenes on both sides o Namer wears white crown of upper Egypt o Wears read crown of lower Egypt o Serves as historical record and figural representation o Composite view o Hathor heads on top (cow with womans face) o Goddess of heavens and pharaoh protector o Namers name between heads...
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Arh 1-24 - -Not defeated until Alexander the...

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