Arh 2-5 - Arh 2/5 Fiqurine of a woman from Syros(Cyclades...

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Arh 2/5 - Fiqurine of a woman - from Syros (Cyclades), Greece, ca. 2500-2300, Marble. Appox: 1’ 6” o Striking and abstract forms o Represents nude woman with arms folded across abdomen like most statues form this period o Comes from a grave on the island of Syros o Almost flat and body is rendered in a highly schematized manner o Large simple triangles dominate figure o Broad shoulders and tiny waste and tapers down to the feet. o Feet to fragile to support figurine, probably laid on back in the grave as a funerary offering. o Not known weather the figure represents diseases or fertility goddess. o Artists represents swelling breast and pubic area. May suggest pregnancy o Some paint traces found on the figurines o Would have had painted eyes nose and sculpted nose. - Man Lyre Player - Keros, Cyclades, Greece, ca. 2700-2500BC, Marble, Appox: 9” o Probably playing for deceased in afterlife o Wedged between chair and lyre sitting down. o Meaning of the statue remains elusive o Reflects same basic geometric shapes as the woman with triangles. o Great detail in duck head or swan head on the harp o Placed in grave with woman, means that neither may represent the dead. - Aerial view of the Palace at Knossos - Crete, Minoan, Greece, ca. 1700-1400 BC o Considered home of King Minos and the Labyrinth o Labyrinth - “House of Double Axes” o No actual labyrinth found, but palace seems to be built with winding hallways and many doors like a labyrinth. o
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Arh 2-5 - Arh 2/5 Fiqurine of a woman from Syros(Cyclades...

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