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Arh 2-7 - Many rich Minoans were buried outside the city in Beehive like tombs - Covered in dirt - Treasury of Atreus, Mycenae, Greece, 1300-1250BC. o Atreus is the fictional father of Agamemnon o Was found empty o Some were found with goods inside o 43ft largest vaulted space. - Grave circle A is older then the walls of the city o Held 19 people o Found gold funerary masks - Funerary mask- Grave Circle A, Mycenae, Greece, 1600-1500BC. o Made of gold o Made by using repoussé -Formed in relief by beating a metal plate from
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Unformatted text preview: the back, leaving the impression on the front. o Seems as an attempt at a portrait o Earliest know attempt at life size human portraiture o May be referred to as the mask of Agamemnon -Inlaid dagger with lion hunt – Grave Circle A, Mycenae, Greece, 1600-1500 BC. o Inlaid with gold silver and niello o Niello is a black metallic alloy o Ceremonial daggers o Seem to be decorated with scenes of hunt or battle. o Image of power o Dark age comes- no artistic achievement...
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