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Arh 3-7 - Augustus of Primaporta -p-186 (7-25) 1 st cen AD copy of Bronze original c. 20BC. o Cont. o had a spear and possible scepter o Cuirass- breast plate armor (leather) o Depicts major event---return of military standards(Augustus negotiates) o Sphinxes on shoulders o He is barefoot…. . possibilities- 1 st natural nude male, 2 nd semi divine, 3 rd finished after his death? o Baby on dolphin could mean personification of genus or could be an Arros a cupid descendent of Venus, shows his possible lineage of Venus - Ara Pacis Augustae - p.187 (7-27) Altar of peace, Rome, 13-9BC, Imperial. o “Alter of Augustan Peace” o Dedicated to celebrate the peace of Augustus o A rectangular encasement with actual sacrificial alter - Female personification (Tellus?) Ara Pacis - p.187 (7-28) Rome, 13-9BC.
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Unformatted text preview: o 5ft 3in o A personification of a figure Tellus o Windy o Mother earth o Land left sea right-Procession of the Imperial family, Ara Pacis - p.187 (7-29) Rome, 13-9BC. o Relief freeze sculpture o Family members, children o Procession of imperial family o Integral event of unveiling of Ara Pacis o Members of Augustus’s family, priests o Laws to promote marriage, fidelity, children- patrician clss o Expanding population, nobility -Pont du Gard - p-189 (7-31) Nimes, France Aqueduct and Bridge, 16BC. o Bridge and aqueduct o Constructed of blocks that weighed 2 tons o Constructed without using mortar o Lifted into place using giant treadmills o...
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