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ARH 3-23 - Portrait of Hadrian- p. 199 (7-47) c. AD 130-138. Telshelem, Israel o Bronze o 2ft 11in o Rare, hasn’t been melted down o Wears a beard o Rulers for the next 150 yrs wear beards - Aerial view of Pantheon -p.199 (7-48) Rome, Italy AD118-125. o Bricks stamped with date o Older building that Hadrian rebuilt o Built for all the gods o Pan-all Theos-gods o Full potential of concrete o Single most influential pieces of architecture created o Columns are 40 ft in height o Dome is 142ft in diameter o Height is 142ft as well o 2 circles, one horizontal, one vertical o Concrete decreases in thickness in the dome as it gets closer to the oculus(hole at top) o Oculus is 30ft in diameter and serves as only source of light o Weight was reduced by coffers- sunken relief sculptures, in the dome
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Unformatted text preview: o Burial sight of Raffel -Hadrian had no heirs -138 adopts 53 year old Antonius Pius as his son and heir-Tells him to adopt his heirs as well, chooses Marcus Aurelius-Marcus is often called the scholar or philosopher ruler. Was scholar, philosopher, and writer-Compassionate ruler-Equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius - p.206 (7-59) Rome, Italy, c. AD175. o 11’6” o Over life size o Appears to be offering clemency, forgiveness o Bearded o Doesn’t wear armor or carry weapons o Gilded in gold o Only ancient bronze equestrian to survive. Did so because of a mistake that it represented the ruler Constantine- first Christian ruler....
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