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Disscussion Sheet 7 Answers

Disscussion Sheet 7 Answers - SOC 101 Jipson Discussion...

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SOC 101 Jipson Discussion Sheet Seven Community and Stratification Due October 18 Name Answer the following questions from the class texts and discussion in class. Please feel free to write on the back. 1.Explain the functionalist view of stratification. Stratification is necessary for a society to function efficiently which enables it to reach both its potential both economically and socially. They view it as a set of interconnected parties which work together to form a whole society that is cohesive and works efficiently together. 2.How does social stratification affect and shape your life? Social Stratification affects my life by making me aware that there are people that are less well off then I am then I am. Everyday I see people that are not as well off as I am. It is difficult sometimes, there have been times when working as an EMT the patient who clearly needs medical help can’t not accept the medical treatment because the insurance that they have, or the lack of it. I can only hope that someday we can
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