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DS10_2007 - SOC 101 Discussion Sheet Ten Work and Economy...

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SOC 101 Jipson Discussion Sheet Ten Work and Economy Due November 15 Name _______________________________________ Answer the following questions based on your class readings and discussion in class. Please feel free to write on the front and back . 1. What is the sociological definition of work? What role does work play in the community? Work plays a crucial role in determine the social status of the person, it also plays a crucial role in assisting to determining the income that person has, which effects social mobility and social integration within the class system, it also increases the positive life chances a person may have. Work is the same in most societies, it involves a person doing a specific tasks for a certain number of hours a day, they generally get paid a wage to do this labor. Some schooling is required for higher skilled labor, consequently these jobs which cost more money to learn how to do, also pay more. 2. According to sociologists, what makes work alienating? How might the McDonaldization that
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