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Arh 4-9 - Justinian as world conqueror -p. 248 (9-1) Barberini Ivory, mid sixth century, Byzantine. o Many smaller ivory peaces put together o 5 peaces o Largest extent Byzantine ivory o Noticeably larger then the horse o Wears a crown o Shows a barbarian in the back of horse squished o Has a nike-personification of victory, in the corner o Personification of earth sits under his horse holding his foot o Barbarians under carry goods o Depicts Christ on the top middle of the portrait - Anthemius and Isidorus, Hagia Sophia - p.249 (9-3) Constantinople, Istanbul, 532-537. o Anthemius and Isidorus, Builders of this church o 270 ft long 108 ft dome 180 feet above the ground o
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Unformatted text preview: Built by a mathematician and a physics professor o Combination plan. Keeps longitudinal but has a large dome creating a large center o Pendentive- a circular dome is placed over a square o Decorated with mosaics and marble o Very well lit, had 40 windows around the base of the dome o Dome appears suspended o Justinian makes his generals recapture Revenna -Aerial view of St. Vitale -p. 252 (9-6) Ravenna, Italy, 526-547. o Central plan building o Still has a narthex, off set though o Double octagonal shape o Dome covering center octagon o Walls pierced for lighting o Central space has 8 large piers that alternate with niches...
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