Arh 4-18 - full translation of a text Interlinear gloss...

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Arh 4-18 - Cross and carpet page from Lindisfarne Gospels - p. 307 (11-6) England, c. 698-721. o o Insular or hyberno-saxon o Ornamental page with decoration that decorates an entire page o Large Latin cross with circles o Even smaller circles to depict rivets o Much more descriptive then the book of Durrow - Saint Matthew (Lindisfarne Gospels) -p. 307(11-7) England, c. 698-721. o o Author portrait o Shows him writing his gospel o Has his symbol and him o Man peeking could be depicted as Moses, could me Mark o Colophon inscription in the back of the book about that book’s production and history, Lindisfarne has one but was added in the 10 th century o Aldred wrote the colophon. Gospel was written and drawn by bishop of Lidisfarne. Aldred also adds a gloss which is a brief explanatory note or a
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Unformatted text preview: full translation of a text. Interlinear gloss- translation between the lines o Earliest translation of all four gospels into English. -The book of Kells is more adorned then previous. -By 1003 it is recognized as something good-Chi-rho-iota page (Books of Kells) -p. 308 (11-8) Scotland, late 8 th early 9 th cen. Transported to Ireland where it was finished o o Latin text of the 4 gospels o Of its 680 pages, only 2 don’t have color o Includes more decoration and full color pages then any other insular gospel o Includes carpet pages, evangelist symbols pages, initial pages, and illuminations that depict crucial moments in the story. o Chi Ro Ioda- First three letters of Christ’s name. Started the story of Christ’s nativity o...
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Arh 4-18 - full translation of a text Interlinear gloss...

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