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SOC 101 Jipson Discussion Sheet Twelve Conclusion of Course Thursday, December 6 Name: ________________________________________________________ 1. If a friend or relative asked you what sociology is all about, what would you tell them? Life, sociology is pretty simply put the study of our life and how we interact amongst each other, our community, our race, our gender, and our own family. All are intertwined and all have affects on each other. It is pretty obvious to me that a further understanding of this topic is needed to be a better CJ major, and perhaps if the world had more sociologists there would be less global conflicts. 2. Pretend that you have to teach an introductory sociology class. What would you have your students read and do in class? I enjoyed Putnam, and I thought that our text book did a good job explaining the broad aspects of social work and how we interact act truly has an effect on us. I enjoyed
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Unformatted text preview: the research question, if we compounded all the assignments in to one research paper at the end of the semester I think I would do that rather then have a final end of the year exam. I would go on tour of the city, but not lead by a group of any type, rather simply walking through the environment on our own, self guided, would provide I think a more realistic view of how the city actually acts. 3. What one part or aspect of the course did you enjoy the most? I really enjoyed the presentation on radical racism, I found the topic to be absolutely fascinating, and very well taught , and would like to maybe attend a lecture on it at some point in fact, understanding why America is so hateful amongst ourselves is maybe a crucial step in understanding why we are not liked by other nations....
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