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Arh 4-20 - connects the four arms o Shows biblical scenes o...

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Arh 4-20 - High Cross of Muiredach (East face) – p.309 (11-9) Monasterboice, Ireland, 923. o o High crosses get their name because their enormous o High crosses are almost exclusive to Ireland. o Used as grave markers o One of the largest and most well preserved in Ireland o Inscription at the bottom of the west face asks for Prayers for a man named Muiredach o Celtic cross shown here, Large Latin cross with a central circle that
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Unformatted text preview: connects the four arms. o Shows biblical scenes o Psychostasis- Christian weighing of the souls. Is shown on this cross. God’s judgment of the soul. Proves no one single soul is insignificant -Equestrian statue of Charlemagne -p. 310 (11-11) France, 9 th cen. o o Copy of Marcus Arulius? o Crowned, carries an orb o Wears a sword o...
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