Bsc 2010c Test 1 review - Bsc 2010c Test 1 review....

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Bsc 2010c Test 1 review. - Properties of life. 7 of them. Every living organism has them. o Have order o Have to be able to adapt o Respond to environment o Regulation o Process energy o Grow and develop o Reproduction - Levels of biological organization o Molecule/atom o Organelles o Cells o Tissues o Organs o Organisms o Populations o Communities o Ecosystems o Biosphere - Order of life o Domain (3), Eukarya(Multicellular, Eukaryotes), Archae(Unicellular, Prokatieates), Bacteria(Unicellular, Prokatieates) Most general way, inclusive o Kingdom (5) Monera(Bacteria), Protista(Protozoans), Animalia, Fungi(Fungus), Plantae(Plants) o Phylum o Class o Order o Family o Genus o Species-Most specific and exclusive o Did king Philip come over from great spain(Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, class, order, family, genus, species) REMEMBER THIS SHIT! - Atomic Number- Number of protons or electrons, Mass Number- Number of protons and neutrons - Isotopes- Same # of protons, different # of neutrons- increases molecular weight - Valence Electrons Vs. Valance- Valance is how many electrons you need(Number of unpaired electrons in outer shell), Valance electron is the number of electrons in outer shell - Electro negativity is the attraction for electrons, F, O, N most common - Bonds- No Pigs in here!
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o Nonpolar- Strongest, electrons are shared equally, same atom paired to
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Bsc 2010c Test 1 review - Bsc 2010c Test 1 review....

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