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Unformatted text preview: t Master Sales The master budget summarizes the planned activities of all subunits of an organization. Production Distribution Finance Continuous Budget Continuous Rolling budgets... are a common form of master budgets that master add a month in the future as the month just ended is dropped. just Components of Master Components Budget Budget Operating budget Operating Financial budget Objective 2 Objective Follow the principal steps in preparing a master budget. Steps in Preparing the Steps Master Budget The principal steps in preparing the master budget are: 1. Basic data a. Sales budget b. Cash collections from customers c. Purchases budget d. Disbursements for purchases e. Operating expense budget f. Disbursements for operating expenses Steps in Preparing the Steps Master Budget 1. Basic data 2. Operating budget 3. Financial budget Objective 3 Objective Prepare the operating budget and the supporting schedules. Operating Budget Operating...
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